Set It and Forget It: Automating
Your Pool & Spa Has 
Never Been Easier

Hamilton, N.J.—Today’s pools and spas have it all—beauty, sophistication and a high level of 21st century technology that makes the daily routine of operating the equipment and accessories no more difficult than pushing a few buttons.

“New automation options eliminate the inconvenience of trips to pool or spa equipment to reset timer clocks and thermostats,” said Kyle H. Chaikin, CPO, CBP, CSP, president of the Northeast Spa & Pool Association (NESPA). “Control the pool at poolside, from inside the house, on the golf course or halfway around the world with handy smartphone apps. Click a few buttons and the pool and spa is blissfully on cruise control; click it again and the equipment is on manual control ready to host that last-minute pool party or spontaneous swim.”


KidSwim Program Under Full Swing! 

Our mission is to educate kindergarten children and their parents in the rules of water safety. All research has shown that encouraging the ability to swim is the most effective way to prevent drowning and thus preserve our most valuable resources – our children. This fun, educational program runs 20-30 minutes, with take-home materials for each child.  LIPSA is beginning a pilot program this Spring in a limited number of elementary schools and eventually hope to reach all of Long Island schools when we secure additional funding. Contact us for more information!

Water Safety Links

Safety in and around your pool and spa is extremely important. We must note that RESPONSIBLE ADULT SUPERVISION IS MANDATORY AT ALL TIMES.

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Pool Builders Need to be Licensed

Nassau County, Long Island - new licensing requirements – All pool builders, service contractors and pool maintenance contractors must now be licensed in Nassau County, Long Island. All information on who must be licensed and how to obtain the license