Stretch the Swim Season into the Fall
Alcide Guzman
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Stretch the Swim Season into the Fall

Encourage your customers to keep the pool open well into the fall season this year because 2020 is unlike any year any of us have ever experienced. Typically, around Labor Day, the pool professional receives calls to close the pool for the season because the kids are going back to school and, frankly, there is less call for backyard activities. Not this year! It is likely that the kids will not go back to school after Labor Day and mom and dad will likely continue to telecommute to work. All that leads to the growing importance of the backyard for the family’s mental health and for the financial health of the pool company.

In an upcoming article in The Edge, Dennis Gray, owner Backyard Brands, St. Markham, On, Canada comments:

“The mindset of backyard leisure users has definitely escalated to see the backyard now in a much more important light – it’s now the “Outdoor Family Room.” 

“There seems to be a 16 to 20-week backlog on purchasing a hot tub right now – never has that happened in the industry. In terms of extending the season, my suggestion would be to start communicating early on the role that keeping the pool open as long as possible can play in family health.

“For those looking to enhance their backyard, but can't afford or don't want an entire pool, this might be a good season to heavily promote spas and hot tubs. It would make the perfect family Christmas present to use year around.

“Get real serious on promoting and marketing swim spas as well -- a sea-change in consumer awareness and desire for a swim spa is unfolding fast. Many dealers have been slow to recognize that this is ‘the newest type of swimming pool.’  It is a 4-season pool and most consumers use them as a plunge pool for relaxing rather than for laps,”



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